Fogra Certified Proofing

Fogra Certified Proofs - Coated 39 & 51, Uncoated 47 & 52

Contract proofs? Verification proofs? Coated proofs? Uncoated proofs? Colour Accurate proofs?
What type of proof is needed and are you getting what you require from your current supplier?
This where we come in, Imagewrite takes all the hassle out of producing colour accurate print ready contract proofs with our Fogra Certified Proofing service. 

Fogra has emerged as the Worldwide standard for proof production, but even this is not as simple as it sounds - there are standards for both contract proofing and verification proofing, the former is required for a press pass while the latter is a poor imitation.

You need contract proofing certification to have total confidence in your proofs. We work at the pinnacle of the market for accuracy - our Fogra Certified proof service operates using the tightest accuracy PASS certification imposed by Fogra. We can produce both Coated (39 & 51) and Uncoated (47 & 52) contract proofs which are all individually measured, certified and stickered with the actual contract proof pass characteristics. You can be sure that both the paper and proof conform to the strict Fogra contract standard and can be matched perfectly by any printer using the Fogra system. Fogra 52 introduces a new uncoated 'white' paper substrate.

Take the guess work out of your proofing, get Fogra contract proofs from Imagewrite!

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