Professional Drum scanning

Drum Scanning

Know about scanning? Think again! For the perfect result you need the very best scanners - there is no substitute. At Imagewrite we run a pair of Linotype-Hell ChromoGraph S3900s. These are the very best professional drum scanners ever made, the Rolls-Royce equivalent boasting the best D max and resolution available. No other scanners can come close - not even other Linotype-Hell’s!

Scanning is an art. As humans we view the world in vivid RGB without the limitations of the printing process - bringing the real and printed worlds together is where our magic begins. Quality isn’t all about the equipment and the result depends as much on the skill of the operator - all our operators are fully trained in colour theory and have been in the industry for many years. Scanning of original artwork and transparencies requires a compromise since the CMYK gamut is unable to represent the full range of colours we see. This is where we come in, maximizing the result is a partnership of scanner and skilled operator - we don’t run any automated scan software but rather individually assess every image both before and after scanning.

Our S3900s are accepted as the best scanners ever made and their ability to capture the vivid colours of original artwork and the delicate tones of watercolours sets them apart, no more compromise, simply wonderful images. For all your scanning requirements you need Imagewrite!

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