Digital Books

Digital Books

ePub2 - ePub3 - Enhanced ePub - Online Books - Augmented Reality - APPs - HTML5 - Flash. You have wonderfully illustrated printed books and now want to maximize your return on investment but not sure of the options, or you know exactly what you want and simply have a requirement to convert titles quickly and efficiently - no problem, Imagewrite can help whatever your needs.

We are always happy to help and advise on the best options to take advantage of your existing or new titles in the Digital market. We can even combine your requirements with our Book Re-creation service and take your old printed books from paper to digital.

Using nothing but the final print ready PDFs we can create ePub solutions that either allow text to be enlarged by the reader on their device or can keep your complex design intact for the full reading experience as you intended. Enhanced ePub, animation, augmented reality, Online flash books and HTML5 are all part of the service.

We have created a number of APP solutions for clients where they wish to establish a single source for their content and can combine this with a unique storefront web solution to allow combined sales via Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and indeed your own store - this can be linked to social media and sponsored sites to reward click through. APPs for Apple IOS, Android, Windows mobile, Apple Mac Desktop and Windows Desktop.

We’ve got it covered, for all your digital book requirements just call Imagewrite!

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